This file covers the following topics:

1. SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle

2. PDLC: Program Development Life Cycle

a.) Defining the Problem
b.) Designing the Program
c.) Coding the Program
d.) Testing and Debugging the Program
e.) Formalizing the Solution
f.) Maintaining the Program

3. Program Design Tools

a.) Flow Charts
b.) Decision Tables
c.) Pseudocode (Algorithm)

4. Control Structures

a.) Branching Structures

i.) If
ii.) Nested If
iii.) If Else

b.) Looping Structures

i.) While
ii.) Do While
iii.) For

5. Computer Languages

a.) Low Level Languages
b.) High Level Languages

6. Generations of Programming Languages

a.) First Generation Languages
b.) Second Generation Languages
c.) Fourth Generation Languages
d.) Fifth Generation Languages

7. Languages Translators

a.) Compiler
b.) Interpreter

8. Programming Languages

a.) Common Business oriented Language (COBOL)
c.) Pascal
d.) C
e.) Ada
f.)  C++
g.) Visual Basic
h.) JAVA

9. Concept on Object Oriented Programming

10. Features of OOPs

a.) Class
b.) Object
c.) Abstraction
d.) Encapsulation
e.) Polymorphism
f.) Inheritance

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