Client : One of the Leading Cricket news and information website and app

As part of the initial brand building exercise, an advertising campaign (print and television) was developed. The idea was to take advantage of the World Cup Season frenzy and derive maximum mileage for the brand website and mobile app.


The study was done in two phases, pre- and post-ad-burst. To ensure comparability, the same sort of information was captured in both phases.

An online survey was carried out among 15–35 year old internet users from SECA/B (higher socio economic classification group) households, who live in one of India’s top 10 cities and watch or follow cricket.

We used our proprietary ad testing model Ad Momentux. This measures ad effectiveness at the five critical consumer interaction points: noticeability, connectivity, relatability, relevance and brand preference.

The underlying philosophy of Ad Momentux has three aspects:

  1. Appeal (the ability of an ad to cut through the clutter) noticeability creates awareness.
  2. Persuasion (message comprehension and how relevant it is), this brings a high conversion rate (website visits and mobile app downloads)
  3. Brand impact, in terms of sustained or repeated usage.

An ad is successful when it ‘connects’ with consumers and creates a ‘preference’ for the brand, in a ‘relevant’ manner”.


The objective of the advertising was to raise brand awareness (recall of the Website / App) and the conversion rate (website visits / app downloads) by a certain percentage. The increase in awareness far exceeded the minimum expected levels.

The conversion rate – bringing consumers to the website or downloading the mobile app – increased as well but didn’t quite reach the expected goal.

We wanted to know why this was so and accordingly looked at the four benchmarks of our ’persuasion index’: comprehensibility, relevance, persuasiveness and credibility.

The ad scored low on believability – so we proposed changing those parts of the ad related to credibility.


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