1.      Humanized Big Data. (visual, empathetic, qualitative)

2.      Microservices

3.      Robotics

4.      Blockchain Development

5.      Trading Wallet

6.      Cyber Security

7.      Artificial Intelligence (AI)

8.       Artificial Embryos

9.      3D Concreate / Metal Printing

10.  New Touch Interface

11.  IoT (Internet of Things)

12.  Smart Home Tech

13.  Photovoltaic Glazing

14.  Neural Network

15.  Fuzzy Logic

16.  Human Computer Interaction

17.  Machine Learning

18.  Automation

19.  Digital Currency

20.  Bitcoin Technology

21.  Digital Marketing

22.  Targeted Advertisement

23.  Augmented Reality (AR)

24.  Virtual Reality (VR)

25.  Edge Computing

26.  Wearable Tech

27.  5G Technology

28.  Seamless Voice Recognition (Conversation with Machines)

29.  Commercial UAVs (Drones – use of drones and drone data)

30.  SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

31.  Digital services – virtual assistant, transcription or translation services, content writing etc

32.  Natural Language Processing (NLP)

33. Deepfake (Deep Learning + Fake)

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